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Carol Sullivan:  Inventor, Product Manager, Dog Mom

From the moment she met famous entrepreneur and inventor, Joy Mangano, in 2006, she knew.  Product life was her calling and she would do whatever it took to learn the ropes.  And that she did, school of hard knocks, the Chinese version.  She took her first trip to China by the summer of 2007, got an apartment there and set up camp.  

Since then, Carol has traveled to China over 30 times, staying weeks and months at a time.  She has worked with other big brands, start-ups and has launched her own successful products.  "I really enjoy working with start-ups and small companies.  They usually have the same drive and hunger to bring a product to life, which I love!"  Getting creative and resourceful is her forte.  Launching your product out of your garage?   "Bring it," she says.

Today, her friends and family, might say she's just a little be obsessed with Amazon.  "I just can't get enough.  One of the first things I do every morning is check my Amazon stats.  It's just such an empowering channel to sell products for an entrepreneur.  I eat, breath, sleep my own Amazon business and I love helping other entrepreneurs do the same."  Carol now offers a full suite of Amazon services for those looking to sell products on Amazon.

For information and free product tutorials, check out Carol's new series on YouTube (coming soon).

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