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Development and Production out of China


We offer free consultations to make sure we are a fit.  We only take on projects where we can add value.  We are happy to sign your Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Service Options

1.  Full Service- We will do everything for you

2.  Hourly Training-  We will train and monitor

3.  A combination of full service and training.  Your business is your business.   We are happy to turn it over to you.

Hourly training is a budget-friendly option for the company looking to be more hands on. 


Hourly Rate- $125 for full service or hourly training

Flat rates can be quoted case by case

We are very start-up friendly so please do not hesitate to reach out and discuss your needs. 

Samples fees and sample shipping from the factory are charged separately (direct from the factory)

Example of development specs sheets provided to the factory

Suggested Service Options and Timelines
Phase I- (60 Days) Market Research and Initial Prototype Development
  1. Brainstorm all thoughts and ideas with inventor, no limitations
  2. Initial assessment of market, opportunity and existing competitors
  3. Plan very general market positioning and selling plan to start developing accordingly
  4. Discuss patent options
  5. Brainstorm initial prototype ideas and how function can meet design
  6. Develop initial prototype on paper 
  7. Develop prototype with the factory- usually takes 1-2 rounds
  8. Request material options/ swatches from factory
  9. Review and test new prototype
Phase II-  (60-90 Days) Commercialization of Prototype and Pre-Production Planning
  1. Determine aesthetic design and versions of prototype to launch with according to target market and target retails
  2. Create story boards to communicate design options
  3. Create designs on paper and development spec sheets for the factory
  4. Determine packaging needs and design
  5. Order samples from the factory for each version (not all samples have to go to production)
  6. Continue to develop sales and distribution plan
  7. Finalize hard costs and retail price plan
  8. Use samples for marketing, photography and branding
  9. Consider other product marketing such as hang tag, product call-outs, display needs and safe packaging for shipping.
Phase III- Production (30-60 Days) & Shipping (10-40 Days)
  1. Finalize samples from Phase II if needed
  2. Send final production spec sheets to the factory
  3. Inventory and distribution plan- how many will ship where
  4. Pay factory 30% deposit
  5. Factory orders materials
  6. Factory production
  7. Final 3rd party inspection (optional)
  8. Pay factory balance of 70%
  9. Shipping - Air- 10 days and Sea 20-40 days
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