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Product Research for Amazon Sellers 

5 Things to look for when validating a product idea
Teaching yourself product research will be the biggest return of your seller career
The most crucial step of any launch

Conducting comprehensive product research before launching on Amazon is crucial. It offers invaluable insights for product development, marketing, pricing, and overall strategy, significantly increasing the chances of success and profitability in a competitive marketplace. Investing time and resources into product research from the outset enables you to make informed decisions that drive a successful product launch and sustained growth on Amazon. The initial research acts as a blueprint for all subsequent steps needed to bring your product to market effectively.

Your biggest ROI

Investing time to master product research for yourself is a skill that will yield a high return on investment throughout your career as an Amazon seller. Initially dedicating time to learn product research will not only benefit your subsequent launches but also help you identify future opportunities more easily. This knowledge will give you a competitive edge against other sellers, ensuring long-term success in the marketplace.

10 Things to Review When Validating a Product:

  1. Average revenue for this product over the last 30 days

  2. Average revenue for new listings launching over the last 30 days

  3. Seasonality, if applicable

  4. Is the product dominated by mature listings or is it a newer category?  Is there steady growth at all product stages?

  5. Is this product dominated by bigger brands or Amazon?

  6. Level of ease or difficulty to enter this market

  7. Is there good keyword search volume, growth and options for easy organic rank?

  8. Keywords opportunities / keywords not being served

  9. Is there room for differentiation?

  10. Top competitors’ quick glance competitive analysis, including their average revenue over the past 30 days

Try our FREE product validation worksheet  + BONUS video showing you how to collect the data. 


Our free worksheet is the training wheels to get you started.  Practicing with this worksheet will train your brain to easily and quickly sift through ideas.  Eventually, It will become second nature and the foundation to all your growth and success on Amazon.

  • Potential revenue and demand

  • Keyword search volume and relevancy

  • Room for differentiation

  • Saturation and competitive landscape

  • Ease of entry

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Need help coming up with product ideas to validate?  No problem, you'll also receive our FREE tutorial on how to brainstorm and search for product ideas.

What you will review


FREE product validation form 

FREE video explaining how to complete the research and fill out the form 

FREE bonus video showing you how to brainstorm product ideas to validate


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