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Developing and managing products from start to finish since 2006 

Carol Sullivan attending the Atlanta gift and home show 

About Carol Sullivan

Product Development and Factory Sourcing

Carol Sullivan brings 18 years of experience in product development and factory sourcing, having developed and sourced products in the home, garden, gift, and accessories sectors for wholesalers, retailers, and her own product lines. She has played a crucial role in helping wholesalers launch multi-million dollar accessory lines. Her extensive travels to factories in China have equipped her with the skills to develop products, negotiate costs, and manage production efficiently.

Carol has independently managed products from concept to delivery, overseeing every step of the process. She grasps the big picture of bringing a product to market while also understanding the significance of each individual step and its role in the larger process.

Selling on Amazon 

Since 2014, Carol has been developing and launching her own line of branded products on Amazon, as well as helping others launch their products on the platform. Through this experience, she has mastered the skills needed to successfully sell on Amazon by optimizing and ranking for keywords and strategically positioning her products against competitors. Most importantly, she has zero-ed in on how to conduct online research to identify product opportunities on Amazon and then develop them accordingly.

Product Research

In recent years, Carol has further leveraged her experience in selling on Amazon and her background in product development to create a unique formula for identifying new product opportunities. She uses advanced online research tools to discover promising products not only for Amazon but also for companies operating outside the platform. By integrating her industry knowledge as a product manager with the tools available to Amazon sellers, she offers clients a significant competitive edge in product research.

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