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We are an A+ seller on Amazon for over 4 years with 'Amazon Choice' products.  We can help you to do the same.  We offer free consultations, full services options and do-it-yourself training.  Please see below for our list of services.  

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Getting Started-  Create account and get initial listings set up.

Keyword Research-  Research and Identify top 100 keywords and phrases and top opportunities on Amazon for your product/ listing.


Product Positioning-  Review competition and determine product angle, strategy and pricing.  

Product Images-  Photo shoot and Photoshop services to create white background images, lifestyle images and images showing features and benefits for you listing.

Optimize Listing(s)-  Create and optimize listings with top keywords.  Make sure listing is indexed for top 100 keywords and phrases.

Fulfill By Amazon (FBA)-  How to get set up, prepare your inventory and ship into  FBA warehouses.

Customer Service and Performance-  How to offer the best experience for you customer and how to learn, know and abide by Amazon's strict policies.

Amazon Ads-  Learn how to set up and run ppp ads and to how drive traffic to your listing using Facebook ads. 

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